Berlin, DE

Universität der Künste Berlin, 2007-2012
Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris, 2011-2012

Office Enno Schramm produces media material. We also explore language in experimental dialogues.

Eclectic Engineering with Marie von Heyl, Berlin
Podcast Talk – Philosophy, Art & Mania
Documentary Short for Friedrich Gobesso, Berlin
With Andreas Kouba & Vivien Woßeng
Dialogplastik, Berlin
Experimental dialogues with various guests
Portrait Photography for Philisha Kraatz, Berlin
With Vivien Woßeng
Portrait Film for Anna-Lisa Unkuri, Berlin
With Vivien Woßeng
Courtesy Galerie Guillaume, Paris
Open Dialogue Education, Berlin
With Volkmar Aderhold, Barbara Vossel & others
Haute Kantár, Berlin - New York
Photography for art jewelry project
With Marie von Heyl & Philipp Eberle
ZART Spotify Release, Glasgow - Berlin
Global Tender Warfare
With Silja Orania
Eurolab, Amsterdam
With Rem Koolhaas, Wolfgang Tillmans & others
Vivien Woßeng joins Office Enno Schramm
Creative Direction & Production
Ursula Conzen, Berlin - Perugia
Photography for Spring Summer 17
With Valerie von Kittlitz
ZART Music Performance, Munich
Kammerspiele Bar
With Silja Orania
ZART Music Performance, Berlin
With Silja Orania
'There are no Strangers here', Berlin - New York
Movie Soundtrack. Director: Eugen Bräunig
With Moritz Gaudlitz
Onomatopeople Solo Show, Berlin
Photography, Music, Video
Neue Künstlichkeit
Texturen Solo Show, Berlin
Photography, Music, Video
Sabine Wild
A Paris Portrait, Paris
Video Installation

Dialogplastik (2020 – ongoing) - Selection of questions
Experimental dialogues with various guests

Romantic Sports Photography (2018) - Selection
Digital Photography
Ed. 5 + 1 AP

Soccer players embracing each other.
Close up of face.Football players grabbing trousers.Several men hugging each other.Men throwing a man in the air.

Fritz (2020) - Selection
Digital Documentary Photography
With Friedrich Gobbesso & Vivien Woßeng
Ed. 5 + 1 AP

Artistic image of man holding reflective object.
Artistic impression of personality.
Man holding lights in front of face.
Man in basement looking up to the light.

Kaustik by Friedrich Gobbesso (2021)
Documentary Short
With Andreas Kouba & Vivien Woßeng

Jamila (2019)
Digital Portrait Photography
With Vivien Woßeng

Woman behind a structured tissue.
Woman sitting in plants.Woman reflected in mirror.Black and white portrait of a woman from the side.

Kokonstruktion (2018) - Selection
Digital Photography
Ed. 5 + 1 AP

Image of buliding site.
Workes on a bulding site controlling crane.
Facade of a corporate complex.
Building site materials.

Philisha (2020) - Selection
Digital Portrait Photography
With Vivien Woßeng
Model: Philisha Kraatz

Woman with a mask on the face.
Woman on a bridge of a motorway.

Ursula Conzen Spring Summer Campaign (2017) - Selection
Digital Fashion Photography
With Valerie von Kittlitz
Model: Isabel Thierauch
Berlin - Perugia

High wall with reflections of trees.
Woman on a hill.Woman kneeing down on stone ground.Woman sitting in flowers.

A Paris Portrait (2012)
Video Installation

Haute Kantár (2019) - Selection
Digital Portrait Photography
With Marie von Heyl & Philipp Eberle
Model: Eli Bauer
Berlin - New York

Model standing upright in warm light.
Artistic image of woman with blur.Artistic image of woman with covered eyes.Image of woman with jewel in mouth.Model photographed from the side with art jewelry.

Berlin Mitte Late Evening (2019) - Selection
With Dana Faltusová - DMITRIEVNA
Digital Photography

Distand view of a bridge in the sunset with a woman on it.
Woman on a bridge in the sunset.
Distant image of bridge and woman.
Artistic image of bridge and woman.

Onomatopeople (2015) - Selection
Digital Photography
Neue Künstlichkeit
Ed. 5 + 1 AP

Artistic image of throat.
Close up image of face.Close up image of grinning man.Close up image of Henning Rohde.Close up face of woman.

Celestial Events (2019)
Digital Photography
Ed. 5 + 1 AP

Sky image of an aeroplane with contrail.
Clouds and aeroplane path.
Mystical image of clouds and contrail.
Contrail and clouds with blue sky.
Contrail and clouds.

Weiss (2015)
Video Installation
Neue Künstlichkeit, Berlin

Zart (est. 2016) EP Release
Electronic Music
With Silja Orania
Listen on Spotify

Close up of face with flash lights.

Onomatopeople (2015)
Soundtrack for Solo Show
With Silja Orania
Listen on Soundcloud

Text on a music album cover.

Texturen (2013)
Soundtrack for Solo Show
With Silja Orania
Listen on Soundcloud

Woman in front of tree.
Model on a motorway bridge.
Woman drinking water with straw.